Welcome to the Osceola Snowmobile Association

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The Osceola Snowmobile Club is located in Osceola, NY which is part of the Tug Hill Plateau spanning parts of Oswego, Jefferson, Lewis and Oneida Counties, (see it here on the Tug Hill Regional Map).

Expect Spring Conditions On Trails

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Update we have a section of trail between Potter Rd and N Osceola Rd that we had to close because a bridge that is damaged and we cant get under it to fix with the high water. Please understand and respect the landowner and our club as we don’t want anybody in any danger. 

We would like to put out a big thank you to Southern Tug Hill for helping us out in a bind yesterday and groom camp 2!! Also a big thank you to Bernie Ward for driving the machine you did a great job. We had some major groomer issues this weekend and are working through them as of right now . 

P.S Please stay between the stakes that’s why we put time into installing to keep the landowners happy because without them we would not have trails!!

Gun Raffle

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Ben Carmon was the winner of the Gun Raffle. Thank You all for participating in this 

Club Work Day’s

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Club Work Days and Meetings are always on the 2nd Saturday of the month  after the meetings unless noted.

Club Meetings are held in the community center in Osceola at 8 am from December through March From April through November we move the meetings to the evening at 7 Pm same place so we can start our work days at 8am at the groomer barn 




If you would like to help please contact chrism@osceolasnowmobile.com  For more details.

The purpose of the gas tax form and why we request it.

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The gas tax form is a way for us to raise money for the club.  By submitting your off road use gas receipts, we can submit them to get reimbursed the tax you paid to the government.  With only the cost of a stamp for you.  This is only good on receipts for snowmobiling at this time.  (No vehicle or boat receipts please)  Just fill out the form with your Name, Date of Receipt, Gallons Purchased and the Total Amount of the sale.  Then mail the form and the receipts back to the club. You can find the form by clicking  here and selection the gas tax form pdf.